What is quiet quitting

What is quiet quitting?

by Enlivy Editorial Team September 11, 2022

What is quiet qutting? What are the signs of this new “trend” that has taken over the workplace? Quiet quitting happens when a person is less motivated and committed to their job or when they are more inclined to reject specific tasks. What is quiet quitting? This movement, initiated by a TikTok Gen Z creator, […]

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How To Identify Underperformance and Deal With It The Right Way

by Enlivy Editorial Team April 12, 2022

Underperformance and inefficiency in the workplace will prevent your business from reaching its full potential and should be addressed immediately. Here are a few tips on how to identify underperformance and how to deal with it the right way. A company cannot survive if its employees do not contribute to its success. Individual performance is bound […]

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