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How to Retain Your Best Employees

by Enlivy Editorial Team November 20, 2022

Retaining key employees is one of the most effective methods to keep your company flourishing. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to retain your best employees for as long as possible. The main subjects of this article: What is employee retention? The importance of employee retention Understanding why people change jobs How […]

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Is Employee Demotion a Good Idea?

by Enlivy Editorial Team November 13, 2022

Demotions may be a solution when your employees are underproductive or find achieving the company’s goals challenging. In this article, we’ll give you more details about the following topics: What is employee demotion? Why and when demotion is a solution Pros of employee demotion Cons of employee demotion What is employee demotion? Demotion can be […]

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What is workplace conflict of interest

What is workplace conflict of interest?

by Enlivy Editorial Team November 6, 2022

In this article, we’ll explain what a workplace conflict of interest is and how to recognize if such a thing occurs in your company. How to handle conflict of interest in the workplace in a company might be tricky if your employees don’t know what a conflict of interest is; The first step and most […]

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Boomerang Employees: Is rehiring former employees good?

Boomerang Employees: is Rehiring Former Employees a Good Idea?

by Enlivy Editorial Team October 31, 2022

Some people will leave your business. That’s normal. But what if they want to come back? Is rehiring former employees a good idea? In this article, we’ll talk about boomerang employees and the benefits of rehiring former employees. What are boomerang employees? A boomerang employee can be defined as someone who quits his job at […]

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7 Tips for a successful employee onboarding process

7 Tips for a Successful Employee Onboarding Process

by Enlivy Editorial Team October 24, 2022

The onboarding procedure is one of your company’s first ways to build a connection with your new employees. A good employee onboarding process is critical for establishing a good and lasting foundation for that employee-company relationship. In this article, we’ll detail the following: What is employee onboarding? What are the advantages of an employee onboarding […]

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Employee Motivation Programs Inspire Success

Employee Motivation Programs: Inspire Success

by Enlivy Editorial Team October 16, 2022

Motivated employees are more efficient and loyal to the company they work for. Employee motivation programs are a great way to show appreciation for your staff and keep them inspired and engaged. The main topics of this article are: Why is employee motivation important? What are employee motivation programs? Why employee motivation programs are essential? […]

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Shūshin koyō - how permanent employment works in Japan

Shūshin koyō – how permanent employment works in Japan

by Enlivy Editorial Team October 9, 2022

Permanent employment, or Shūshin koyō, was a huge thing in Japan. It was widespread in major Japanese businesses from the 1920s through the early 1990s. Is permanent employment good? Would it work in today’s global economy? The chances are scarce. Let’s find out why. What we’ll detail in this article: What is Shūshin koyō? What […]

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The global productivity drop in 2022

The Global Productivity Drop in 2022

by Enlivy Editorial Team October 3, 2022

A significant productivity drop will undoubtedly impact the global economy. Is this just a post-pandemic phenomenon? How will this productivity drop impact businesses and our day-to-day life? The year 2022 is challenging for us, both mentally and economically. The world faces different problems that impact countries, businesses, and even us as individuals. Due to rising […]

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Is the economy slowing in 2022?

Is the economy slowing in 2022?

by Enlivy Editorial Team September 25, 2022

What’s the state of the global economy right now? Is the economy slowing in 2022? The simple answer is yes, but the global economy’s problem is more complicated than that. What’s the state of the global economy in 2022? The global outlook has deteriorated dramatically in 2022 due to growing prices, vigorous monetary tightening, and […]

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What is quiet quitting

What is quiet quitting?

by Enlivy Editorial Team September 11, 2022

What is quiet qutting? What are the signs of this new “trend” that has taken over the workplace? Quiet quitting happens when a person is less motivated and committed to their job or when they are more inclined to reject specific tasks. What is quiet quitting? This movement, initiated by a TikTok Gen Z creator, […]

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