managing C players

Managing C players: Strategies for Performance

by Enlivy Editorial Team May 24, 2023

Managing underperforming or non-performing staff is difficult for managers in every firm. These people, sometimes called “C players,” need particular care and approaches to deal with their performance concerns.

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how to handle employee stress efficiently

How to Handle Employee Stress Efficiently

by Enlivy Editorial Team April 19, 2023

Employee stress is a common concern in the workplace that can result in lower productivity, low morale, and even physical and mental health issues. Employers must adequately manage employee stress to create a positive and effective work environment.

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The Pros and Cons of Signing Bonuses

The Pros and Cons of Signing Bonuses

by Enlivy Editorial Team April 12, 2023

When attracting and retaining top personnel, signing bonuses are a popular strategy for many organizations. These one-time payments are designed to entice prospective workers to accept a job offer, sometimes by offering financial support to defray relocation costs or other expenses involved with starting a new position.

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High Performing Teams

Achieving Success through High Performing Teams

by Enlivy Editorial Team April 5, 2023

High performing teams are more than just a group of individuals working together. They are a carefully crafted unit with specific attributes and characteristics that enable them to achieve extraordinary results. In this article, we will explore the three key elements of high performing teams, the benefits they bring to organizations, and examples of some of the most successful teams in history.

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What is Blue Ocean Strategy

What is Blue Ocean Strategy?

by Enlivy Editorial Team February 22, 2023

The Blue Ocean Strategy focuses on building new markets in order to drive demand and render competitors obsolete while also giving distinct value propositions to customers.

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Externship vs Internship

Externship vs Internship: What are the differences?

by Enlivy Editorial Team December 17, 2022

Apprentice programs such as internships or externships are valuable for both employers and attendees. In the following article, we’ll give more details about the importance and the difference between these two types of programs

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What is workplace conflict of interest

What is workplace conflict of interest?

by Enlivy Editorial Team November 6, 2022

In this article, we’ll explain what a workplace conflict of interest is and how to recognize if such a thing occurs in your company. How to handle conflict of interest in the workplace in a company might be tricky if your employees don’t know what a conflict of interest is; The first step and most […]

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Employee Motivation Programs Inspire Success

Employee Motivation Programs: Inspire Success

by Enlivy Editorial Team October 16, 2022

Motivated employees are more efficient and loyal to the company they work for. Employee motivation programs are a great way to show appreciation for your staff and keep them inspired and engaged. The main topics of this article are: Why is employee motivation important? What are employee motivation programs? Why employee motivation programs are essential? […]

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Shūshin koyō - how permanent employment works in Japan

Shūshin koyō – how permanent employment works in Japan

by Enlivy Editorial Team October 9, 2022

Permanent employment, or Shūshin koyō, was a huge thing in Japan. It was widespread in major Japanese businesses from the 1920s through the early 1990s. Is permanent employment good? Would it work in today’s global economy? The chances are scarce. Let’s find out why. What we’ll detail in this article: What is Shūshin koyō? What […]

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The global productivity drop in 2022

The Global Productivity Drop in 2022

by Enlivy Editorial Team October 3, 2022

A significant productivity drop will undoubtedly impact the global economy. Is this just a post-pandemic phenomenon? How will this productivity drop impact businesses and our day-to-day life? The year 2022 is challenging for us, both mentally and economically. The world faces different problems that impact countries, businesses, and even us as individuals. Due to rising […]

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