Claim your Unfair Business Advantage

Enlivy is an API powered Software as a Service solution, with the goal of removing friction connected with Human Resources & Information Logistics. The system is already being built, and actively used in our to day operations, slowly it will open up to the public, for selected participants.

Overview of Enlivy

In active development since September 2021.

  • Human Resources

    Your hiring process might be flawed, implement a step based hiring process that filters out prospects through flows, that will let you focus on quality prospects, that are ready to invest time.

    Based on our calculations, the entire cost of hiring a remote developer is around $3000, we’re planning to reduce that by at least 50%, this calculation is based on the time invested by all company resources, including yours.

    Know if your next hire will actually fit within your company, based on the current employees habits, culture and way of dealing with problems and stress.

  • Employee Mental Health

    Keep track of the mental health of your employees and empower them with personal development material, curated by the Enlivy.

    This solution can be integrated for contractors if you wish with just a few clicks, including for your marketing leads in a disconnected process, higher education might consider using this for getting a psychometric profile of their students.

    Note : The system will be designed to detect false statements, including if the subject is providing concrete answers, system results or suggestions will not offer legal grounds for action in court, they are suggestions.

  • Information Logistics

    Track the KPIs of your Company, detect pitfalls & surges in productivity in advance, gaining an edge over the constant ups & downs that come along the way of building your business.

    Excel sheets are a great way to keep track of your company, but sooner or later you’ll want to limit the information flow based on the responsabilities in your company, and ensure only C-Level has access to all of it.

    The API Connection can allow you to trigger events with integrated services when data is updated within the Enlivy solution.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Invoices issued through the application are 100.1% compliant with your incorporation location, if you’re billing in USD for example, and your company has a base currency of EUR, every invoice has the conversion rate of the issue date on it, making it practical for tax purposes, the conversion rate once the invoice has been paid is also attached.

    Invoices are stored in generated format on our servers permanently, this ensures they remain valid, even if certain details about your company or customers has changed 6 months later, something very few services does.

    Keeping track of contracts, and inbound + outbound invoices related to them can become a nightmare, we’ll simplify this and provide metrics out of the box on your performance as a company.

  • Access Control List

    The system will ensure only specific roles from your organization can access, add, modify, delete certain type of information.

    The API connection allows you to create API keys that can perform only certain actions, this ensures that custom integrations done by your team, or 3rd party developers cannot access what they shouldn’t.

    Pro Tip : An account can be created for your Accountant in order to give him access to all he needs to do his job.