Quiet hiring the response to quiet quitting

Quiet hiring: The Response to Quiet Quitting?

by Enlivy Editorial Team March 5, 2023

Quiet hiring has developed as a response to the problem of maintaining valuable skills and competencies in the face of a quiet quitting trend.

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What is Blue Ocean Strategy

What is Blue Ocean Strategy?

by Enlivy Editorial Team February 22, 2023

The Blue Ocean Strategy focuses on building new markets in order to drive demand and render competitors obsolete while also giving distinct value propositions to customers.

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The 4 Types of Workaholics How To Manage Them

The 4 Types of Workaholics – How To Manage Them

by Enlivy Editorial Team February 19, 2023

Nowadays, people are progressively working longer and stricter hours in today’s fast-paced society. While hard labor is frequently regarded as a positive attribute, there is a fine line between working hard and workaholism.

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Managing Employee Underperformance Tips for Managers

Managing Employee Underperformance: Tips for Managers

by Enlivy Editorial Team January 29, 2023

Successfully managing employee underperformance takes a lot of work and years of experience. This article will detail some tips for managers dealing with underperforming staff.

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How to boost employee morale

How to Boost Employee Morale – 7 Effective Tips

by Enlivy Editorial Team September 4, 2022

The most effective way to ensure your team members are pleased and continue to accomplish outstanding work for your organization is to focus on employee morale. In this article, we’ll detail some tips on how to boost employee morale and keep your employees motivated. Companies that focus on creating an excellent environment where employees feel […]

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The two pizza rule the successful strategy behind Amazon

The two pizza rule: the successful strategy behind Amazon

by Enlivy Editorial Team July 17, 2022

The two pizza rule is a guideline for determining how many people to invite to a meeting. According to the rule, every meeting should be small enough that guests could be fed with two pizzas. Who came up with the two pizza rule? The two pizza rule is frequently attributed to Jeff Bezos, the founder, […]

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7 Soft Skills Every Manager Needs

7 Soft Skills Every Manager Needs

by Enlivy Editorial Team June 19, 2022

Great managers constantly improve their skill set in order to lead, motivate and encourage their team. This article will detail 7 soft skills every manager needs to improve to build a reliable and productive relationship with employees. Managers with excellent leadership soft skills can boost their team’s productivity, increase loyalty, and help motivate and retain […]

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4 NDA advantages for long-term stability

by Enlivy Editorial Team May 2, 2022

NDAs are commonly used for protecting vital business information; In the following article, we’ll talk about the basics of NDAs and 4 NDA advantages for long-term stability. What is an NDA? A non-disclosure agreement is a legal contract by which one or more parties agree not to reveal confidential information they have shared as a […]

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7 salary negotiation tips for employers

7 Salary Negotiation Tips for Employers

by Enlivy Editorial Team April 17, 2022

In a market full of competent people, an adequate compensation package will always help you recruit and keep talented individuals. This article will present you 7 salary negotiation tips for employers that you should consider. The goals of salary negotiation A vital component of the onboarding process is determining suitable compensation for a new employee. […]

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How To Identify Underperformance and Deal With It The Right Way

by Enlivy Editorial Team April 12, 2022

Underperformance and inefficiency in the workplace will prevent your business from reaching its full potential and should be addressed immediately. Here are a few tips on how to identify underperformance and how to deal with it the right way. A company cannot survive if its employees do not contribute to its success. Individual performance is bound […]

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