The Netflix Keeper Test is an innovative approach to employee retention and team optimization that has gained much attention and debate in corporate talent management. This strategy has become a cornerstone of Netflix’s culture and has influenced organizations worldwide.

What is the Netflix Keeper Test?

The Netflix Keeper Test is a distinctive talent management concept that redefines employee retention and evaluation approaches. At its core, this test compels managers to continually question which team members they would actively fight to keep should they consider leaving for a competitor. This continuous assessment process is built on maintaining a high-performance team, where each member’s contribution is crucial to the organization’s collective success.

The Keeper Test transcends traditional performance review methods by integrating a proactive, ongoing evaluation strategy. It’s not just a periodic assessment but a constant reflection on the dynamic and evolving value each employee brings. The principle behind this test is simple: keep only those who make a significant, positive impact on the team and the company. This approach encourages a transparent and performance-driven culture, fostering excellence and aligning individual goals with the company’s objectives.

Origins and Philosophy of the Netflix Keeper Test

The creation of the Netflix Keeper Test is attributed to Reed Hastings, one of the co-founders of Netflix, and Patty McCord, the former chief talent officer. This groundbreaking idea was part of a more significant cultural transformation at Netflix that aimed to establish a more dynamic, efficient, and competitive organization. Hastings and McCord imagined a workplace guided by more straightforward, performance-based principles rather than the traditional corporate hierarchy and practices.

The Keeper Test was developed in response to the need for a more dynamic talent management approach, one that could keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of the digital and entertainment industries. By implementing this test, Netflix aimed to create a team that is not only talented but also highly committed and adaptable to the changing business landscape.

Core Values and Policies of Netflix

The Keeper Test is fundamental to Netflix’s core values and policies. It demonstrates the company’s dedication to nurturing a culture of liberty and accountability, where employees are empowered to make decisions and take responsibility for their outcomes. This culture is based on the belief that exceptional work is achieved by granting individuals the liberty to innovate and the responsibility to execute efficiently.

Netflix places significant importance on transparency and direct communication in its philosophy. One way they uphold this value is by implementing the Keeper Test. This approach ensures that regular feedback and performance evaluations are straightforward and honest. Employees can clearly understand where they stand and what is expected by removing the ambiguity often associated with traditional performance reviews.

Advantages of the Netflix Keeper Test

The Netflix Keeper Test brings multiple benefits, including solid talent retention, enhanced team dynamics, aligned personal and organizational goals, and the development of a versatile workforce. Collectively, these advantages contribute to a high-performance culture that is key to Netflix’s success.

  1. Enhanced Talent Retention: The Keeper Test effectively retains top performers at Netflix by consistently recognizing and rewarding high performers, promoting a culture of excellence, and keeping standards high.
  2. Optimized Team Dynamics: This test promotes a performance-oriented culture with clear, high standards, instilling healthy competition and motivating employees to exceed expectations, driving innovation, creativity, and productivity.
  3. Alignment of Goals with Organizational Objectives: The Keeper Test aligns individual employee goals with company objectives, resulting in higher engagement and satisfaction.
  4. Development of a Flexible and Adaptive Workforce: The test emphasizes performance and continuous improvement to help employees thrive in a fast-paced and ever-changing business environment. It fosters an adaptable workforce that quickly responds to new challenges and opportunities.

Impact on Employee Retention Rate

Netflix’s Employee Retention

The implementation of the Netflix Keeper Test has had a significant impact on employee retention rates within the company. This strategy focuses on identifying and retaining top talent, resulting in a highly skilled and motivated workforce at Netflix. The Keeper Test is a rigorous approach to evaluating and keeping only the most effective employees, which helps Netflix maintain a team of high performers and attract individuals drawn to this culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

Netflix’s employee retention strategy, the Keeper Test, values and recognizes outstanding performers. This reduces turnover. It offers a rewarding work environment for employees who meet or exceed expectations, prioritizes professional growth, and rewards excellence. Netflix’s culture attracts top talent seeking challenging and rewarding careers.

Effects of the Keeper Test on Turnover Rates

Why is Employee Retention Important

The Keeper Test has been effective in retaining high-performing employees, but it also has an impact on overall turnover rates. The nature of the test means that underperforming employees may be encouraged to leave or transition out, which can lead to higher turnover rates in specific segments of the workforce. This aspect of the test highlights that Netflix has deliberately prioritized maintaining a high density of talented employees over the stability of lower turnover rates.

Netflix’s approach to employee management may not work for all companies. While their strategy encourages high performance and innovation, it may result in higher employee turnover rates. Netflix sees this compromise as necessary to stay competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

Netflix’s Keeper Test assesses employee retention rates. It has retained valuable employees and decreased voluntary resignations, but with rigorous standards, there is a higher overall turnover rate. This approach aligns with Netflix’s objectives and principles to develop a dynamic and efficient workforce.


The Netflix Keeper Test is a game-changing approach to modern talent management, combining rigorous performance evaluations with strategic employee retention. Its ability to foster a high-performance culture while aligning individual career goals with organizational objectives is a testament to its well-designed and executed process.

While the Keeper Test’s impact on employee retention rates and its role in optimizing team dynamics are evident, it also brings challenges and a need for a balanced application. Its influence extends beyond Netflix, serving as a compelling model for other organizations striving to cultivate a workplace prioritizing excellence, innovation, and agility.

The Netflix Keeper Test underscores the importance of continually nurturing and evaluating talent in today’s fast-paced business world. By balancing the pursuit of high performance with a supportive and inclusive work environment, companies can retain top talent and ensure their teams are well-equipped to drive success and innovation in an ever-evolving landscape.

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