Enlivy’s Payslips System simplifies payroll management, allowing you to easily create and customize payslips for your team. Our intuitive interface ensures straightforward generation and management of payslips, consolidating all your payroll data in one place for easy access and tracking.

With comprehensive customization, you can tailor payslips to include specific details such as taxes, bonuses, and deductions, ensuring compliance with local regulations. Automated calculations minimize errors, ensuring accurate and timely payments. The system adheres to the latest security standards, keeping your payroll data secure, and is accessible from anywhere, offering flexibility and convenience.

Enlivy’s Payslips System saves you time, enhances accuracy, and provides detailed reporting, making it an essential tool for efficient and effective payroll management.

The Payslips Menu In Enlivy

The payslips menu in Enlivy serves as the primary hub for managing all employee payslips. Within this section, users can access a comprehensive repository of stored payslips within the Enlivy app. From this dashboard, users can efficiently navigate through their payslip database, utilizing features such as search functionality and filtering by employee name or date range to quickly locate specific payslips. Additionally, users can edit existing payslips directly from this interface and seamlessly generate new payslips for employees.

The Payslips Menu in Enlivy

In the payslips menu, you’ll find several intuitive fields:

  1. Receiver User: The individual receiving the payslip.
  2. Sender User: The entity sending the payslip, which could be your business, HR personnel, accountant, or business owner.
  3. Payslip Schema: A customizable schema tailored to your business needs. Enlivy allows you to create schemas suitable for various requirements.
  4. Issued Date: The date when the payslip was issued.

In addition, there are options to edit or delete payslips. The edit button allows quick modifications, while the delete button removes the payslip from the system.

Adding a Payslip In Enlivy

Adding a new payslip in Enlivy is simple and fast. From the Main Dashboard, you just need to click on the Payslips Menu (on the left side), then click on the ‘Add Payslip’ button, in the right side of the screen:

First step when Adding a Payslip in Enlivy

Next, we’ll be guided to access the Payslip section, where we’ll need to fill in several details:

  1. Receiver User: The individual receiving the payslip.
  2. Sender User: The sender of the payslip, which could be HR personnel, a business owner, etc.
  3. Payslip Schema: The customized schema chosen for our business, tailored to meet specific needs.
  4. Payment Method: The method used to pay the employee.
  5. Status: Options include Paid, Pending, Rejected, Approval Required, etc.
  6. Currency: The currency in which the payment is made.
  7. Issued Date: The date the payslip was issued.
  8. Paid Date: The date the payslip was settled.
Initial Fields for a Payslip In Enlivy

In the following example, we’ve completed all the necessary fields for the payslip’s basic details. This will demonstrate how a real payslip booking is processed within Enlivy.

Example of filled in payslip fields in Enlivy

Additionally, we notice that after adding our Payslip Schema, additional fields appear. These fields are fully customizable, allowing anyone to create a payslip schema that fits their needs. In the following example, all the payslip schema information is user-defined within Enlivy. Our schema includes sub-categories such as employee information, days worked, income, net income, taxes, and more. You can add information to these fields to comprehensively store all your payslip data.

Payslips and Schema Information

Creating Your Payslip Schema

In order to create a new schema and customize all the fields in it, you need to go to the Settings Menu (from the left side), then click Accounting, and then Payslips Schema.

Adding a Payslips Schema in Enlivy

A new Payslip Schema will look like this:

Default fields for a Payslip Schema

Having, the default Fields:

  • Name – name of the schema
  • Description – description of the schema
  • Net Total – total amount that will be paid through the payslip to the employee
  • Tax Total – all the taxes that the company will pay for the employee’s salary in the payslip
  • Total – the total amount of money that the business spends to pay the employee (payslip + taxes)

Next, we have the Payslip Schema Collections. Here, we can add a new collection and create customizable fields that we can later fill in when adding the payslip information to Enlivy.

Filled In Payslip Schema Initial Fields

Let’s start adding a schema for relevant information regarding to the Employee Details:

Payslip Schema Collections Information

We’ve added the Employee Details collection with Employee Name as the first field. Next, we can add the following fields to the same collection: Social Security Number and Company Role.

Social Security Field
Company Role Field

Now, let’s add another collection titled “Revenue Information.” This collection will include the following fields: Gross Revenue, Taxes, and Net Revenue.

Revenue Information Collection

Let’s add one more collection titled “Total Expenses,” which will include the fields: Taxes Total and Paid Employee Total. After that, we will link the initial fields: Net Total, Tax Total, and Total, with the corresponding fields created in this payslip schema.

Adding Total Expenses Collection then Linking Initial fields with the ones we created

Adding a Payslip using the Payslip Schema we created, please keep in mind that the fields used are only for demonstration and would not make sense from a mathematical standpoint:

Creating a Payslip with the Payslip Schema we made

Benefits of Enlivy’s Payslips Feature:

  • Keep Things Organized: With Enlivy, all your payslips are stored in one central location, ensuring that your payroll information is always well-organized and easily accessible.
  • Easily Accessible Database: Access your payslip database from anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, Enlivy allows you to manage and review payslips with ease.
  • Customizable Payslip Schemas: Tailor your payslips to fit your business needs. Enlivy lets you create and customize payslip schemas, allowing you to include specific fields such as employee details, revenue information, and total expenses.
  • Intuitive Interface: The user-friendly interface makes it simple for business owners and HR personnel to create, edit, and manage payslips efficiently.
  • Enhanced Record-Keeping: Maintain a detailed and accurate record of all payslips, helping you to stay organized and prepared for audits or financial reviews.
  • Future Integration of Calculations: Currently, Enlivy’s payslip system does not include any built-in calculations or mathematical formulas. However, we plan to add these features in the future, allowing payslips to be calculated somewhat automatically, further enhancing the efficiency of your payroll management.

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