How to Recruit Employees

How to Recruit Employees

by Enlivy Editorial Team July 31, 2022

Hiring new people is both an achievement and a challenge. In this article, we’ll detail some tips on how to recruit employees. Growing your company is always a significant step, whether you’re a small firm making your first hire or a large corporation. Adding to your workforce is a considerable choice, resulting in many questions […]

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Hiring Manager CheatSheet - 7 Hacks for Candidate Experience

Hiring Manager CheatSheet, 7 Hacks for Candidate Experience

by Enlivy Editorial Team July 26, 2022

In this article, we’ll share our hiring manager cheatsheet – which is full of tips on how to improve candidate experience when making a hire: The position you’re employing for is necessary. Make it simple for applicants to submit job applications. Create clear and detailed job descriptions. The hiring procedure is transparent in the job […]

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How to hire gen z

How to Hire Gen Z – 5 Tips for Success

by Enlivy Editorial Team July 10, 2022

Young and talented individuals will always be an asset to your company. In the following article, we’ll detail some tips about how to hire gen z and how to understand them better. Understanding and getting to know your employees is vital for an excellent manager-employee relationship, even for the company’s success. Here’s some information that […]

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11 tips for great interviews

11 Tips for Great Interviews

by Robert Rusu January 22, 2022

This article includes tips for great interviews, that should assist you with your next hire, the key factor in spotting the correct candidate is his mindset.

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