How to review a cover letter as an employer

How to review a cover letter as an employer

by Enlivy Editorial Team December 21, 2022

As an employer, knowing how to review a cover letter properly is crucial as it is one of the first screenings in the hiring process.

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Boomerang Employees: Is rehiring former employees good?

Boomerang Employees: is Rehiring Former Employees a Good Idea?

by Enlivy Editorial Team October 31, 2022

Some people will leave your business. That’s normal. But what if they want to come back? Is rehiring former employees a good idea? In this article, we’ll talk about boomerang employees and the benefits of rehiring former employees. What are boomerang employees? A boomerang employee can be defined as someone who quits his job at […]

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7 Tips for a successful employee onboarding process

7 Tips for a Successful Employee Onboarding Process

by Enlivy Editorial Team October 24, 2022

The onboarding procedure is one of your company’s first ways to build a connection with your new employees. A good employee onboarding process is critical for establishing a good and lasting foundation for that employee-company relationship. In this article, we’ll detail the following: What is employee onboarding? What are the advantages of an employee onboarding […]

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How to hire gen z

How to Hire Gen Z – 5 Tips for Success

by Enlivy Editorial Team July 10, 2022

Young and talented individuals will always be an asset to your company. In the following article, we’ll detail some tips about how to hire gen z and how to understand them better. Understanding and getting to know your employees is vital for an excellent manager-employee relationship, even for the company’s success. Here’s some information that […]

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employee vetting

Employee Vetting

by Enlivy Editorial Team January 13, 2022

Employee vetting is a process conducted by employers to check the background of potential candidates and verify that the information they provide is accurate. Before making a final decision when employing a new person to your team, it is best to investigate the best candidates thoroughly.

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