The allure of Greece’s vibrant economy beckons entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe. But before diving headfirst into your venture, a crucial first step awaits: selecting the most suitable business structure that aligns with your vision. This article will provide you with more information on the main business types in Greece, giving you a better understanding of the options available.

Popular Business Types in Greece

Greece offers various main business types to cater to various business needs and goals. Let’s delve into the most popular options:

Sole Proprietorship (Ατομική Επιχείρηση – Atomiki Epichirisi):

The most straightforward option, a sole proprietorship, is owned and operated by a single individual. This structure offers complete control over operations, making it ideal for freelancers, consultants, and small-scale enterprises. However, it’s crucial to remember that sole proprietors hold unlimited liability for all business debts and obligations.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) (Εταιρεία Περιορισμένης Ευθύνης – Etaireia Periorismenis Euthynis):

Like Romania’s SRL, the LLC reigns supreme among the main business types in Greece. This popular choice offers flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and limited liability protection for its shareholders. Establishing an LLC requires at least one director and shareholder. This structure is a perfect fit for many businesses, especially SMEs, due to its balance between features and ease of establishment.

Anonymous Company (SA) (Ανώνυμη Εταιρεία – Anonimi Eταιρεia):

The SA serves as the Greek equivalent of a joint stock company. This complex structure caters to large-scale businesses with significant capital requirements seeking to raise funds through public offerings of shares on the stock market. Shareholders in an SA enjoy limited liability, and a board of directors oversees the company’s management.

Exploring Partnership Options within the Main Business Types in Greece

While the above structures offer a solid foundation, Greece also offers partnership options for ventures seeking collaboration:

Partnership Company (Εταιρεία Επωνύμου Συμμετοχής – Etaireia Eponimou Symmetochis):

This broad category encompasses various partnership arrangements within Greece’s main business types. Here’s a closer look at two common partnership structures:

General Partnership (Κοινοπραξία): A business co-owned and operated by two or more individuals or legal entities, where all partners share unlimited liability for the company’s debts and obligations. This structure fosters close collaboration but exposes partners to significant personal risk.

Limited Partnership (Εταιρεία Συντεχνιακού Χαρακτήρα): A partnership with at least one general partner with unlimited liability and one or more limited partners whose liability is restricted to their capital contributions. This structure is popular for attracting investment while offering some liability protection.

Choosing the Right Fit Among Greece’s Main Business Types

Selecting the most suitable business type hinges on several key factors specific to your venture:

  • Size and Scale of Operations: SAs provide a framework for capital raising and complex operations for large-scale businesses. Smaller ventures might find LLCs or even sole proprietorships (if risk tolerance allows) more efficient.
  • Liability Protection: If shielding personal assets is a top priority, LLCs and SAs offer limited liability protection. General partnerships expose all partners to unlimited liability, while limited partnerships offer a partial shield.
  • Capital Requirements: Sole proprietorships require no minimum capital contribution. LLCs have a lower minimum capital requirement compared to SAs.
  • Management Structure: The level of control and participation you desire will also influence your choice. Sole proprietorships offer complete control, while partnerships and SAs involve shared decision-making structures.


Understanding Greece’s various main business types equips you to make an informed decision that aligns with your specific business goals and risk tolerance. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are popular due to their well-rounded features, but the optimal choice depends on your unique circumstances. Consulting with a qualified lawyer or business advisor familiar with Greek regulations can provide valuable guidance throughout establishing your business in this dynamic and growing economy.

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