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Workplace Absenteeism: How to Manage it

Workplace Absenteeism – How To Manage It

by Andrei Remetean March 22, 2023

Workplace absenteeism is a widespread issue that harms productivity and profitability. Companies can reduce absenteeism by promoting work-life balance, providing flexible schedules, and encouraging employee communication.

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What Is Employee Experience And Why It Is Essential.

What Is Employee Experience And Why It Is Essential

by Andrei Remetean March 15, 2023

Employee experience refers to an employee’s complete contact with their employer. It consists of the workplace culture, surroundings, and benefits.

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Quiet hiring the response to quiet quitting

Quiet hiring: The Response to Quiet Quitting?

by Andrei Remetean March 5, 2023

Quiet hiring has developed as a response to the problem of maintaining valuable skills and competencies in the face of a quiet quitting trend.

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Gantt Chart Pros in Project Management

Gantt Charts: Pros in Project Management

by Andrei Remetean March 1, 2023

Gantt charts have proven to be a useful resource for project managers looking to properly organize and monitor their projects.

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What is Blue Ocean Strategy

What is Blue Ocean Strategy?

by Andrei Remetean February 22, 2023

The Blue Ocean Strategy focuses on building new markets in order to drive demand and render competitors obsolete while also giving distinct value propositions to customers.

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The 4 Types of Workaholics How To Manage Them

The 4 Types of Workaholics – How To Manage Them

by Andrei Remetean February 19, 2023

Nowadays, people are progressively working longer and stricter hours in today’s fast-paced society. While hard labor is frequently regarded as a positive attribute, there is a fine line between working hard and workaholism.

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The Power of the big five personality traits in the workplace

The Power of the Big Five Personality Traits in the Workplace

by Andrei Remetean February 1, 2023

Knowledge is power. As a leader, understanding your team’s personality traits in the workplace is essential to better managing them and increasing overall collaboration and performance.

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Managing Employee Underperformance Tips for Managers

Managing Employee Underperformance: Tips for Managers

by Andrei Remetean January 29, 2023

Successfully managing employee underperformance takes a lot of work and years of experience. This article will detail some tips for managers dealing with underperforming staff.

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Why is Employee Retention Important

Why Is Employee Retention Important?

by Andrei Remetean January 25, 2023

Why is employee retention important? Retaining top talent is crucial for an organization’s success, as replacing employees incurs costs and can affect productivity and morale. Furthermore, high-performing employees leaving can also put pressure on the remaining staff.

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7 Employee Engagement Strategies to Boost Performance

7 Employee Engagement Strategies to Boost Performance

by Andrei Remetean January 23, 2023

Implementing employee engagement strategies in businesses can improve staff satisfaction, performance, and productivity. In the long run, they can help you increase employee retention.

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