delivering bad news to Employees tips to follow

Delivering Bad News to Employees: Tips to Follow

by Enlivy Editorial Team May 30, 2023

Delivering bad news to employees is an inevitable part of being a leader or manager. Your communication style can significantly impact employee morale, loyalty, and overall performance, whether announcing layoffs, changing corporate regulations, or dealing with performance difficulties.

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managing C players

Managing C players: Strategies for Performance

by Enlivy Editorial Team May 24, 2023

Managing underperforming or non-performing staff is difficult for managers in every firm. These people, sometimes called “C players,” need particular care and approaches to deal with their performance concerns.

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how to handle employee stress efficiently

How to Handle Employee Stress Efficiently

by Enlivy Editorial Team April 19, 2023

Employee stress is a common concern in the workplace that can result in lower productivity, low morale, and even physical and mental health issues. Employers must adequately manage employee stress to create a positive and effective work environment.

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Managing Employee Underperformance Tips for Managers

Managing Employee Underperformance: Tips for Managers

by Enlivy Editorial Team January 29, 2023

Successfully managing employee underperformance takes a lot of work and years of experience. This article will detail some tips for managers dealing with underperforming staff.

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Employee Mentorship Program

How an Employee Mentorship Program Can Benefit Your Company

by Enlivy Editorial Team January 13, 2023

An employee mentorship program is an excellent way for your employees to gain new skills and create a deeper connection with your staff and company.

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how to improve employee collaboration in your company

How to Improve Employee Collaboration in Your Company

by Enlivy Editorial Team January 9, 2023

Employee collaboration is essential for the success of any business. Team members working together can accomplish much more than they could individually.

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7 Soft Skills Every Manager Needs

7 Soft Skills Every Manager Needs

by Enlivy Editorial Team June 19, 2022

Great managers constantly improve their skill set in order to lead, motivate and encourage their team. This article will detail 7 soft skills every manager needs to improve to build a reliable and productive relationship with employees. Managers with excellent leadership soft skills can boost their team’s productivity, increase loyalty, and help motivate and retain […]

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How To Identify Underperformance and Deal With It The Right Way

by Enlivy Editorial Team April 12, 2022

Underperformance and inefficiency in the workplace will prevent your business from reaching its full potential and should be addressed immediately. Here are a few tips on how to identify underperformance and how to deal with it the right way. A company cannot survive if its employees do not contribute to its success. Individual performance is bound […]

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